Exciting News! Farm Store 99 by Agric Organics is set to open in 2024 at the Skyview Tower Apartments.

The store, set to open in 2024, will be situated at 10 Chestnut Street beneath the Skyview Tower Apartments. It aims to be a convenient one-stop destination for all grocery essentials, offering fresh produce, deli items, baked goods, and more.


Here at Agric Organics our mission is to contribute to the creation of an abundance of food while
fostering living healthy through urban farming. Organic food production is the method we are using
to address the increasing need for access to fresh, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.


We are excited to share our story with you! Agric Organics was featured
in the Boston Globe. In the article, we talk about our journey and plans
for the future. We hope you enjoy the article!


Agric Organics membership gives you access to hands-on
agricultural experience, members-only products, events,
and U-pick days. Members become in effect a
shareholder and sustainer of the farm- with a limited
number available you can know that we are
growing for you and our community!




Urban Farm.



Agric Organic is a sustainable Urban Farm in the heart of Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Agric Organic is capable of meeting the market demands of restaurateurs, community supported agricultural (CSA) produce supplier, farmers market and wholesale produce supplier while maintaining the quality and integrity of our Urban Farm. We not only grow microgreens, we also grow carrots, peppers, tomatoes, beets and more. When you patronize Agric Organics, you are guaranteed to experience an experienced, sustainable, ethical urban farm dedicated to providing the highest quality organic produce possible.  

From our Urban Farm in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, we supply microgreens, carrots, beets and many more produce to local marketplaces and restaurants all over the Western Massachusetts. At Agric Organics we take pride in our produce because we believe that food should be grown responsibly, locally, and taste delicious. Below are some of the locations where you are find us and purchase our products.

100% Organic Practices



Agric Organics is committed to growing 100% organic microgreens and produce because we believe it is certainly what our community needs. Organic produce fosters healthy living and is better for our shared environment. We don’t use any conventional agricultural chemicals or pesticides but instead we rely on compost, companion plants, cover crops and crop rotations.

Our Microgreens

Our microgreens are grown from seed and harvested as soon as the true leaves have emerged, yielding a beautiful and flavorful product. Since we grow year-round, we’re able to offer a constant supply of fresh, delicious greens that have increased shelf life over non-local suppliers. This translates into the freshest, most delectable ingredients possible. We add new varieties seasonally so be sure to contact us for your own supply of greens.


Our Produce

Our Produce are grown in raised beds using organic compost and topsoil. All our soil fertility and crop nutrients are managed through light tillage and cultivation practice, cover crops and crop rotations with composted kitchen scraps. We implement the use of physical weed and pest control while ensuring we use organic seeds. We add more produce seasonally in order to meet our customers needs. 


Microgreens Recipe

Microgreens are tiny, nutrient dense, edible greens that makes some of the most delightful and tasteful meals. You can create some of your own riveting dishes using our nutrient dense products. Take a peek at some recipes and enhance your taste buds towards healthy eating.

Produce Recipe

Our vegetable produce are bright, bold, delicious and packed with robust flavor. They can be incorporated into your appetizers, main dishes, desert, salads and sides. Take a peek at some of easy to eat prepare recipes that are also healthy for you.


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