Agric Organics Announces New Website Launch


Springfield, MA, May 2, 2019,  – After months of dedication and hard work, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website! The site’s web address is

Our aim with this new website is to provide our customers with a way to learn about Agric Organics™ produce and also allow the customers to obtain updated information about where they can purchase our produce.


The new Website is informative and gives our customers better access to how we grow, what we grow, contact, and support information. Our customers will find useful information about all our produce and recipe with just a click from the homepage.

Amongst the riveting features, the site contains a link to different types of recipes to enable our customer the opportunity to make new nutrient-dense meals. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, farm announcements, events, news and more.

We hope you find the new website with a fresh vibrant look with easy to access information and we also wish to establish this website as a centralized source of information for those interested in our produce.




About Agric Organics Urban Farm


Agric Organic is a sustainable Urban Farm in the heart of Springfield Massachusetts. Agric Organic is capable of meeting the market demands of restaurateurs, CSA produce supplier, Farmer’s market and Wholesale produce supplier while maintaining the quality and integrity of our Urban Farm. We not only grow Microgreens, but we also grow carrots, peppers, tomatoes, beets and more. When you patronize Agric Organics, you are guaranteed to experience an experienced, sustainable, ethical urban farm dedicated to providing the highest quality organic produce possible.



The Agric Organics Team, Urban Farmers

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