An urban farm embarks on its first season, determined to serve its community

Being a farmer and a pharmacist, I understand the symbiotic relationship of both,” says Hameed Bello, owner of Agric Organics, a new urban farm in Wilbraham. There, he and his wife Ayo are intent on building a farm that can be a multi-faceted resource for their community, supplying farm fresh food, health, and education while withstanding the challenges of climate change.

Agric Organics sits on about 10 acres of land just south of Rt 20 on the outskirts of Springfield. Now raising crops on three of those acres, “We pride ourselves in growing with organic and sustainable methods,” Bello says. “We do have a small orchard on the property, but most of our focus is on fresh produce.–  Article excerpt retrieved from CISA and written by Jacob Nelson

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