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Short Story: 

We need financial support to help with startup costs for our new organic vegetable farm in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

Long Story:

Food Deserts is a problem that we are facing in Springfield, Massachusetts. Just like most places in the United States, Springfield residents find it hard to find affordable healthy food. Most residents are forced to take multiple public transportation to a grocery store and according to the Valley Advocate, the PVTA limits passengers to three bags.

Agric Organics is taking on the challenge of providing a grocery store alternative for Springfield residents right in the middle of the most prevalent food desert areas. The residents of Springfield and neighboring towns will be able to benefit from this initiative because locally grown organic vegetables will be made available to them right in their community. 

The funds will be used to prepare the farmland for the upcoming 2020 farming season as well as renovate the farm store building that is on the property. Equipments such as greenhouses, hoop houses, tarps, row covers, seeders, and coolers will be purchased with the fund to enable us to best serve the community. 

Supporting the farm on this initiative will mean a lot to not only the Urban Farmers but the entire community. Access to healthy food right in the community means both our young and elderly residents can easily access healthy food and improve their health. 

We truly appreciate each dollar amount that is contributed and we really appreciate everyone’s donation and support of this initiative. Words cannot express the magnitude of our gratitude for we are eternally grateful. 


Taking on the challenge of providing a grocery store alternative for Our Community.

Make a Donation to Support Your Local Farmers & Sustainable Agriculture

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