How We Grow

At Agric Organics, all our products are grown using organic Production practices in combination with environmentally sustainable methods. Our Microgreens are grown in 1020 trays under led light. , we create a controlled growing environment, monitoring air temperature, humidity, CO2 and air circulation in order to provide optimal growing conditions for our microgreens to grow.

Our Produce are grown in raised beds using organic compost and topsoil. All our soil fertility and crop nutrients are managed through light tillage and cultivation practice, cover crops and crop rotations with composted kitchen scraps. We implement the use of physical weed and pest control while ensuring we use organic seeds

By doing so, we are able to produce consistent results that enable us to grow healthy, safer, nutrient dense products just for you.

The Future is Organic

FRESH: At Agric Organics, our goal is to constantly strive to ensure that all our customers are able experience quality products. We grow, harvest, package and deliver our products to you as quickly as possible.

LOCAL: Our Microgreens and Produce are grown in Wilbraham, MA. Our Products are nutrient dense, tender, and delicious on their own, they also make a great addition to a salad, as garnish or for a boost of texture, flavor, color and taste.

SUSTAINABLE:  We are committed to low-impact agriculture and all our products are GMO, pesticide and herbicides free. We also use 80% less water than traditional farming and our urban location helps us reduce our carbon footprint.